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Brit Pop and Bond used to attract Indian students

An Indian Student from New Delhi, India, studying BA Media Studies at LCC

Indian students also come to study in the UK to improve their English skills. [Arunima Rajkumar]

James Bond and Brit Pop are on the top ten list of reasons why Indian students should study in Britain, according to the UK High Commissioner to India, Sir James Bevan.

Bevan proposed his top ten reasons to study in the UK in a speech at the University of Delhi’s inter college debate on January 9; when the list also included the Grand Theft Auto video game.

With the number of Indian students choosing to study in the UK dropping by almost 25 per cent between 2011 and 2012, Bevan insisted that the UK wants new emerging foreign talent.

He also denied claims that it is increasingly hard for international students to get a visa.

“Here’s something that will surprise you: visas are not a problem. We want the world’s best and brightest, we have set no limit on the numbers of foreign students who can come to Britain. No limit,” said Bevan.

However, SUARTs culture and diversity officer Mostafa Rajaai, disagrees with Bevan’s statement, saying: “This government wants to reduce ‘net migration’ to under 100,000 by any means possible.”

Outraged by the government’s immigration plans, he added: “it is part of their plan to bring down the net migration figure before the 2015 elections.”

Rajaai argued that getting a short-term visa in Britain it is not as easy as Bevan claimed.

“The short-term student visas which allowed many international students to come here and better their English before attending university have become almost impossible to obtain,” he said.

Parul Sikka, LCC student from india studies in the LCC library

Many indian students admire the reputation of British universities [Arunima Rajkumar]

LCF Styling and Photography student, Trishla Chadha, applied for a visa three years ago and also believes that the application process has become more difficult.

Chadha said: “If he was thinking of fooling and manipulating the Indian students, then he is absolutely wrong. Just because India is a third-world country, it does not mean they are stupid.”

She continued: “I wanted to study in the UK because it has the best fashion colleges in the world and also because it’s so inspirational.”

Other students, like Harsh Sodi from LCC, do not think that getting a visa is an issue, but the cost of living in London is.

“I personally didn’t have any problems in getting the visa nor do I know any friends who have had any. Life in the UK is great other than the fact that the cost of living is too high,” he said.

Students are able to speak out against the newly proposed Immigration Bill through the NUS campaign, ‘Don’t shut the door on international students’.

A full transcript of the High Commissioner’s speech can be found here


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