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Lady Gaga gives LCF grads star treatment

Lady Gaga wearing clothes by Dinu Bodiciu, an LCF graduate.

Lady Gaga has taken a liking to LCF graduate Dinu Bodiciu’s designs

Lady Gaga has shown support for LCF by wearing outfits from the collections of recent graduates.

Isabell Yalda Hellysaz, BA Fashion Design and Technology Womenswear graduate, says she had her life transformed when Gaga wore the ‘Antidote’ visor from her collection.

Hellysaz first presented the visor in her final undergraduate collection and it is fast becoming a trademark design.

She explained: “Once someone famous wears something, it changes everything. People know it’s a Swedish designer, but not who. But when they find out it’s me they put me in a different box.”

The mask has also inspired a frenzy of Gaga fans to fashion replicas in homage to the pop icon.

Hellysaz described the exposure as “unreal” and said that she is “shocked” every time she sees the pop star in her designs.

Lady Gaga helped launch Isabell Yalda Hellysaz’s career

She is set to showcase her most recent collection at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, Stockholm, on January 29.

She advises future graduates: “Believe in yourself no matter what anyone says. Networking is important, try to do as many internships as possible. I grabbed all the opportunities and learned from them. Thanks to that, I have a good foundation, and without any of them I probably would not be who and where I am today.”

The ‘Queen of Pop’ has also recently sported looks by LCF graduates Dinu Bodiciu and Cindy Zhang.

Gaga’s latest appearance at Somerset House last month gave Zhang international exposure both in print and online.

The young designer received a strong response across the fashion blogosphere, and has seen her career boosted into new heights.

Zhang, who studied BA Cordwainers Fashion Bags and Accessories, said: “My brand has a much stronger icon. She has definitely helped me speed up the process of promoting my brand. Many fashion bloggers are now interested in writing stories about me.”

Lady Gaga wearing pieces by Cindy Zhang an LCF graduate

Cindy Zhang is another LCF graduate favoured by Lady Gaga

“At first I thought I was having a dream. I could not believe that she would pick up a fresh graduate’s design. I felt blessed and lucky. It was such a great encouragement for me, she motivates me to work more.”

The star wore pieces from Zhang’s 2013 ‘Reborn’ collection, which was inspired by her time living in the UK: “I took inspiration from my experiences after facing many challenges. Having to be strong and confident turned into ideas.”

Zhang’s collection concentrates on her perception of the essence of fashion: fabrics, craft, and details.

Jane Francis, LCF Fashion Jewellery course leader said: ““We encourage our students to think globally and understand the power of promotion to building a new brand identity. Getting the right person to wear your work is one way on doing this, and right now Lady Gaga captures attention internationally.”

She added: “Gaga is an artist who understands the power of the fashion image, and by seeking out emerging designers she can always be one step ahead of the fashion cycle.”



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