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Published on January 28, 2014 | by Ali Fortescue


London’s Raining Dogs

Battersea Dogs Home told me they are given 14 unwanted dogs a day as more people suffer from the financial strain of having a pet.  It’s true: a furry best friend doesn’t come cheap, figures from a pet insurer show the average cost of owning a dog is around £500 a year.

Catherine lives in Putney with her two dogs and says people need to be prepared for a  ‘huge responsibility’ and ‘commitment’ when they buy a pet. ‘It’s cruel’, she says, not to walk a dog 4 times a day which can be ‘very difficult in London’.

With pet abandonment on the rise and animal cruelty up 59% on last year – what is keeping people from giving up their hounds? Sally sells the Big Issue with her dog in Charing Cross and says she’d never give him up: he’s a friend and companion. Passers by too, she admits, can’t resist stopping to say hello and buying a Big Issue.

But for animal lovers who can’t make the stretch, there’s still hope: invest part-time. James gave up his dog because of the cost and now rents Labrador ‘Archie’ on weekends. ‘We’re always happy to see each other’ he says of their brief encounters, but admits to feeling jealous of other masters.

If you want to rent a dog part time click here to find out more.

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