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School Run Rage Rising

Research has found 75% of parents have seen people fighting over parking spots while on the school run.

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A new study by an insurance company has found three quarters of people on the school run have witnessed aggressive behaviour between parents as they look for a parking spot. A further 39% have witnessed or know about car accidents between parents outside the school gates.

The study was conducted by Allianz Your Cover and also found a majority of parents (79%) would like to see 20mph speed limit zones a quarter of a mile around schools to help curb accidents.

Speaking to LCC Broadcast, some parents outside a North London school blame the rows on the morning rush and lack of parking spaces and say arguing doesn’t set a good example for their children. Many parents didn’t understand why the majority of people drive to their local primary school when most people live within a one kilometer:

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“There is something about the school run that parents seem to put their brains away.” – Alison Berry

Selfish driving is reportedly even more common, with offences like parking on zigzag lines, stopping in the middle of the road, speeding to seize a free space, parking on or block pavement and driveways happening far more frequently.

To combat such offences Alison Berry started a twitter campaign called #stupidparking to show the Council just how frequently illegal parking was happening during school runs.

Parents are calling for more parking wardens to be placed outside school gates to monitor the problem and protect their children’s safety. To do the same, visit your local council’s website and click on the complaints tab.

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