Published on January 12, 2014 | by Henrique Cabral


Firefighters protest against central London fire station closures

Firefighters show the letter they handed in to the GLA this morning

The Fire Brigades Union handed in a formal complaint letter to the GLA against the Mayor this morning. Three representatives went to  City Hall to protest against the closure of ten fire stations in Central  London.

According to the firefighters, the policy represents a risk to londoners. They also said that 588 people will lose their jobs. “If you close ten fire stations, innevitabily you will reduce the amount of fire cover you’ve got, fire engines take longer to get to the incidents. People are more at risk and firefighters are more at risk”, said Chris Crooks, one of the former firefighters who handed in the letter this morning.

The Unions called Boris Johnson a liar. According to them, the Mayor was elected promising he wouldn’t cut the budget from the fire service.  Mr Crooks said “He’s (Boris Johnson) is not fit to be Mayor of London”.

The closures are part of a £45m-pound-per-year cut in the firefighters budget. According to Boris Johnson, they don’t represent a risk to londoners. In December, seven councils failed to stop the closures in the High Court.

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