Published on November 27, 2013 | by Sharayne Jones and Jenine Ebanks


Headless plans Flywear domination in 2014

Taelor Headless, 21, is a budding entrepreneur with an artistic vision for urban streetwear. In creating designs inspired by gaming animation, Headless’ originality channels his inner ‘passion for fashion’.

The dapper designer expresses his bold sense of style through his current collection. Headless describes his brand’s style as having “quite brash, rebellious…statement pieces”, with the Roses Beanie being this season’s must-have.

But not all is rosy in the fashion industry, according to the founder of Headless Flywear, who dislikes the lack of originality in creative ideas. He states: “Fashion is so similar in so many different ways, that everyone tries hard to be the same, when they’re aspiring to be different”.

Nonetheless, the tailor envisions that Headless Flywear “will take off” by the end of the year, with plans to dominate the world in 2014.

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