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Camberwell students revamp King’s College Hospital

Entrance sign at King's College Hospital

Camberwell College of Arts students will offer design ideas for King’s College Hospital’s new critical care unit [Joshua Hayes]

Students at Camberwell have been asked to propose design ideas for a project at King’s College Hospital.

Working with Acrylicize, a Shoreditch-based art consultancy, students will offer ideas for the hospital’s new critical care unit, where one of the main project goals is to improve the overall patient experience.

The opportunity is one example of how Nick Gorse, Dean of Camberwell, wants to integrate the college further into the Southwark community.

He said: “This is a fantastic project which has been opened up to all of our third years. I’m really interested in working with the community – some of the most interesting work is when we work within the community on projects.

He added: “It’s all about using students and alumni to work within the community and what’s around us to help develop things and give back.”

Emily Ford, an illustration student at Camberwell, said: “This is one of the great things about studying here, there are always so many great opportunities and competitions for students to progress their creative careers. It seems like this particular project will really be a stepping stone for the winner.”


The project will give students the opportunity to work with a client and it is predicted that the winning artist or designer will gain high exposure due to the large scale and high specification of the project.

Students will make designs for the manifestations to be used on the glass walls that run around the patient’s rooms as well as the partitions and the doors to the rooms.

King’s College Hospital have carried out research as to how the visual environment can affect patients and are currently in the process of applying this to the new unit.

Students have been reminded that some patients may experience dreaming or hallucinations so students need to be aware of the effect their design may have on the patient.

This opportunity is open to Camberwell BA and MA students. The first set of entries will be judged by Acrylicize and the Dean. The final round will be judged by a creative committee made up of staff from King’s College Hospital and BMJ architects.


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  1. An excellent opportunity for Camberwell as well as for King’s College Hospital. A collaboration of arts and sciences! 🙂

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