Published on November 26, 2013 | by Raghad Bezizi, Jacob Hughes




Presenter: Raghad Bezizi
Producers: Rosie Atkin, Sophie Smallshaw, Raghad Bezizi
Filmed and edited by: Jacob Hughes

Leading health experts and politicians have clashed over the age of consent. Professor John Ashton, president of the Faculty of Public Health, called for the current age to be lowered from 16 to 15, in order for sexual education to improve and information to be more readily available to younger teenagers. Prime Minister David Cameron rejected Ashton’s proposal, but ALN Voices wondered what if the age of consent was lowered?

We explored the thoughts of CSM and LCF students; did they think lowering the age of consent would lead to social pandemonium? Or did they think there was absolutely no difference…

“I don’t agree with lowering the age of consent. If anything, I think 16 is too young.” Alexia, Graduate Diploma, Fashion & Media
  “Everyone is still going to have sex regardless. But to me, lowering the age is just shocking, it just gives girls leeway to get pregnant.” Heidi, Creative Direction for Fashion, 1st year
“It all depends on the person anyway.” Pero, MA Womenswear
  “If the age of consent is lowered, what happens when younger teenagers get pregnant? They won’t be able to look after their children, so what would that mean for abortions.” Natasha, Fashion Management, 1st Year
“It sends the message that your sexual debut should be younger, so I am definitely against lowering the age of consent.” Eric, Creative Direction for Fashion, 3rd Year
  “ I don’t think lowering the age of consent would make that much of a difference. 15 and 16 are very similar development stages, and you have similar mindsets at those ages.” Paloma, Fashion Design, 1st Year
  “I think the age should go up. I feel like 18 is a good age, you know who you are. You can drink, drive, party, everything.” Kongo, Creative Direction for Fashion, 1st Year

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