Published on November 13, 2013 | by Chloe Moraes, Sophie Smallshaw, Raghad Bezizi, Jacob Hughes



Presenter: Raghad Bezizi
Producers: Rosie Atkin, Sophie Smallshaw, Raghad Bezizi
Filmed and edited by: Chloe Moraes, Sophie Smallshaw, Raghad Bezizi, Jacob Hughes

The internet was in a frenzy early in November in response to the controversial Paxman/Brand interview on Newsnight. The social media landscape was flooded with clips of Jeremy Paxman, a journalism heavyweight, challenging the political ideas of well-known comedian and wordsmith Russell Brand.

Within Brand’s calls for revolution, he raised this issue of society’s disillusion with politics, highlighting himself as a non-voter.

Does this devalue his political opinion, or should we listen to his passionate plea?

Seeing as writers from The IndependentThe Guardian and pretty much the entire blogosphere all had their say, it only felt right for ALN Voices to explore the thoughts of UAL students on the matter.

We travelled to the Camberwell and Chelsea campuses, and what began as a simple question about the Newsnight interview swiftly turned into a broader discussion about our generation’s disillusion with politics as a whole…

“I am voting – it’s very important to take part in what our society is all about. I want to feel like I’m changing something. We should take part…but revolution sounds good.” Greta, Fine Art 2nd Year
“I don’t know what I think. I’m not particularly involved in politics – my parents didn’t really push me towards it. Maybe in the future if somebody complimented my viewpoints, I’d vote for them.” Tilly, Graphic Design 2nd Year
“I think it’s stupid of Russell to say that – even if you don’t know who to vote for, just hand in a blank voting paper. It’s a stupid form of ignorance and a stupid call for revolution.” Theresa, Fine Art 2nd Year
 “I just vote – Green Party – I don’t believe in any other parties. I don’t think any are doing anything to help the country.” Anonymous, BA Photography Final Year
   “All politicians are crooks. They tax you to cover up for their scandals. They’re the biggest crooks on this planet. I absolutely agree with Brand – politicians expect you to have faith in them but it’s scandal after scandal.” Conor, Interior & Spatial Design 1st Year
 “Voting is a system to encourage people to believe they have influence on the decisions made in their country.” Anonymous, Interior & Spatial Design 1st Year
   “I say ‘Go Russell’! Paxman is in a state of delirium. A lot of people rule out Russell Brand as a buffoon. I don’t vote – I just don’t agree with anything politicians say. There’s a wider world than the media portrays.” Mustafa, BA Fine Art 2nd Year

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