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Published on November 24, 2013 | by Ellie McKenna


Cheap vs Treat: Day Out

CHEAP: Portobello Road Market

Portobello Market

Portobello Market is definitely worth a visit [Ekaterina Anchevskaya]

One of the best markets in London and definitely worth a visit on a Friday or Saturday.

The atmosphere is both electric and eclectic, starting near Notting Hill Gate and stretching about a thousand yards, there is plenty to do and see.

The market is split into commodity sections, which is ideal as it’s easy to find what you are looking for.

Starting with the antique stalls where you can find turn of the century trinkets, jewellery, arts and crafts and general bric-a-brac, moving on to the food stalls, where you can pick up a tasty lunch for a reasonable price to end up on to the clothes and general souvenirs.

There literally is something for everyone to enjoy and a great idea for a day out if you’ve got friends or family visiting. One of the most vibrant places in London and THE most vibrant place if the weather permits!

The eclectic range of music provides the perfect soundtrack for shoppers creating an upbeat and busy ambience.

If you hate crowds this may not be to your particular tastes as amount of people can be ridiculous but it all adds to the hustle and bustle and definitely should be experienced.

There’s a variety of cafés and beautiful pubs to find along the way, which prove to be the perfect pit stops for some much-needed rest, as we all know, shopping can be very tiring.

After two years experience of living below the poverty line, one has managed to curb ones spending to such a degree that I can go to this fabulous market and just soak up the atmosphere without spending a penny.

If you can demonstrate such self-restraint then this is a fabulously cheap day out. If you can’t trust yourself then be warned, there is potential for mass spending.

Portobello Road, London W10 5TE – Mon-Sat 8.00am – 7.00pm


TREAT: Warner Bros. Studio Tour

Harry Potter costumes

Hogwarts costumes in Great Hall form part of the tour [Warner Bros Studio]

HARRY POTTER WORLD! Is there any more of a treat? I don’t think so.

An adult ticket (16 and above) is £29 and a complete studio tour package is £38.95, this includes ticket price, a paperback souvenir guide and a digital guide to walk round with.

Whilst both seem steep for a student budget, it’s an absolute must and you only have to do it once so why not?

Situated just outside of London, the easiest route of getting there is by getting the train to Watford junction where a Harry Potter bus is waiting outside, times are frequent and the return bus journey is only £2.

NOTE: Tickets to the tour must be purchased online in advance as they can’t be bought at the studio.

I’d hate to spoil the magic for any potential visitors so I shall be vague but it’s a great day out for everyone, even if you aren’t particularly a die-hard fan like myself.

Visitors are able to wander around the sets used in the films, observe all the original costumes and props and watch the many videos detailing all of the behind-the-scenes witchcraft and wizardry.

Despite the obvious opportunity to have a photo with EVERYTHING (I did), visitors can also have a picture or video recording of them flying on a broom! Or in the iconic ford belonging to the Weasleys.

You may think you’re too old and mature for such things but I beg to differ.

Another key note, do not miss out on the butterbeer, not only is it such a novelty, it is actually delicious and I have since googled the recipe to recreate for Halloween or general Harry Potter marathon nights.

The trip takes about four hours on average and is great for a day out or a special occasion.

Everyone I know to have been has given it a thousand praises… some even cried. It does get pretty emotional.

Upon leavng you feel a little sad that it’s over but that’s before entering the AMAZING gift shop. The prices are ridiculous but it’s special so it’s okay.

I purchased myself a time-turner as seen in The Prisoner of Azkaban -amazing, I know- (it’s actually a key ring but because I paid £8.95 for it, it’s now a hanging ornament).

I also really craved an Elder wand but could not quite justify paying £25 I couldn’t afford, instead opting for the chocolate version, which I’ve vowed to never eat but as time goes on so does my greed.

All in all, fabulous day out and everyone should do it. At least once.

Check online for availability and tickets – open 9.00am – 6.00pm

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