Published on November 26, 2013 | by Raghad Bezizi, Chloe Moraes, Suzie Shepherd




Presenter: Raghad Bezizi
Producers: Rosie Atkin, Sophie Smallshaw, Raghad Bezizi
Filmed and edited by: Raghad Bezizi, Chloe Moraes, Suzie Shepherd

ALN Voices took full advantage of a fire alarm at LCC to ask fellow students in the crowd outside about internships. Are they still valuable?
We are constantly aware of the need for work experience in order to get ahead in competitive industries, but many students recount tales of monotonous days spent on Excel, making endless cups of tea, and having a close relationship with the office scanner – all for zero pay. However, the benefit of networking during an internship should not be undervalued, and a full CV will never fail to impress. UAL‘s own ‘Creative Opportunities’ site has discontinued its advertisement of unpaid internships, instead only referring students to those that pay. And rightly so.
So without further ado, we asked UAL students to join the debate…

“I know lots of people get internships through their friends.  I don’t believe in them. It’s not what you know, it’s who you know.” Georgia, BA Film and TV, 3rd Year
“Of course internships are valuable. I gained inside knowledge on the business side of photography. It breaks down perceived barriers to the industry you are interested in.” Mark Bleet, BA Photography, 3rd Year
“I think internships are valuable, I have done a few. During one, I was made to read the company’s rules on sexual harassment for a week. When I was about 16!” Shalyn, Graphic Design and Media, 1st Year
“They are helpful in a way. There are some internships where they limit you to one job, and I think that’s wrong.  It depends how the employer is using you.” Paul, BA Film and TV, 3rd Year
“I never needed an internship, because I already have work experience. They are quite time-consuming, and I don’t have time to do one right now.” Jennifer, Masters degree in Graphic Design
 “I think they are valuable, but they don’t pay. I work 6 days a week, and they take up so much time.” Hyungwook Lee, Masters in Photography




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