Published on November 19, 2013 | by Edwige Dubois


Preview: Light Eye Mind Experience


In a society where we constantly relate to the material world, we tend to neglect what is happening inside our minds.

With the intention of finding out more, Arts London News went on a journey of mind exploration at the Lucid Light Salon in Finsbury Park.

Light Eye Mind, the artist collective which runs the salon, owns one of the few Lucia No. 3’s in the UK – a ‘hypnagogic light machine’ that combines a stroboscope and constant light to provide a unique experience for curious visitors.

The machine attempts to simulate the state of consciousness immediately before falling sleep.

In reaction to stroboscopic light simulations the user drifts into an altered state of consciousness, with psychedelic shapes and colour patterns scrolling before one’s eyes.

The full feature will appear in the November 22 edition of ALN.




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