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UAL attracts over 19,000 students from around the globe to its six college campuses; Camberwell, CSM, Chelsea, LCC, LCF and Wimbledon.

Each campus has its own unique courses, attitude and most contrastingly, style.

Looking at the three biggest colleges at UAL, we decipher what makes each campus’ style unique:

London College of Communication – Casual/Cool

LCC is a world leader in design and media education. Its students go on to have successful careers in film, journalism and photography to name a few.

The style at LCC, compared to its opposing campuses, is “casual and cool”.

The guys and girls at the college are dressed to get their hands dirty and start work. You will often spot a staple jacket paired with basic T-shirts, a hoody and jeans and possibly a pair of New Balance to complete the look.

Sometimes it feels that the campus should be placed in east London’s Shoreditch – with its comfortable yet polished style.

In regards to make-up and hair, the attitude at LCC is “less is more” as the girls look fresh-faced and subtle and hair is likely to be a little messy.

Beanie hats and snapbacks are popular with the campus and hidden underneath the hats, you may come across an array of flamboyant hair colours.

London College of Fashion – Fashion NOW!

One of the most famous fashion colleges in the world, LCF is at the forefront of fashion education.

Their alumni includes the stellar names of Jimmy Choo, J.W. Anderson and Linda Bennett. LCF’s style is “Fashion Now”.

To be a student at LCF, it is important to know what is happening in the fashion industry. Keeping up to date with a particular field in fashion is the key to success.

Therefore at LCF, you are likely to spot current trends on campus. A stiletto heel may be heard walking down the corridor, or a flash of a designer handbag.

There is a lot more effort put into style at LCF, reflecting the college’s fashion expertise.

The campus on John Prince’s Street is in the hub of the city’s busiest road, Oxford Street where students can shop on their lunch at the likes of Selfridges, Topshop and more.

Central Saint Martins – Fashion Forward

World-renowned for its courses, alumni and influence on the fashion industry, CSM is one of the most distinctive colleges in UAL. CSM is “Fashion Forward”.

The style of students at CSM is unpredictable. In a college where freedom and expression is celebrated, many of their students do not look to the latest trends to find their inspiration for an outfit, they seek inspiration elsewhere.

It would not be odd to see guys wearing skirts or vintage tracksuit bottoms that made chavs so famous in the early ‘00s. There is no particular style of trend that can define CSM style.

However, what the students have in common is that they are unafraid to express themselves.

Hanging outside the one of a kind building in Kings Cross, you will see an array of characters that may join the likes of Alexander McQueen, Riccardo Tisci and M.I.A. in bringing something new and exciting to the fashion industry.


Each different campus style reflects UAL and what the university stands for. Giving students unique opportunities to learn, create and innovate in the world of the Arts.

No matter which campus you attend, there is no similar style to that of University of the Arts London.


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