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Hit my Tumblr one more time

UAL student Madeleine Killick who writes the Fashionobscura blog [Madeleine Killick]

As any student you probably start your day rushing to the closest computer or tablet to check the latest online activity, maybe scroll through a couple of blogs on the tube and why not check the stats and comments on your own.

Ask anyone around you, chances are they’ll have one too. Blogging has become huge within the past few years and is no longer reserved to a lucky few.

In 2011, Nielsen UK estimated the number of blogs in the world at around 181 million with a new wave of blogging platforms started emerging in the late 2000’s.

WordPress started to lose its grip when other platforms like blogger and the very new and exciting Tumblr emerged and took the blogosphere by storm.

Tumblr defines itself as “a global platform for creativity and self-expression”

With more than 33 million pages and a publication rate of 38,000 posts per minute Tumblr is the new blogging giant and now ranks as one of the top ten most visited sites in the world closely followed by Blogspot – Google’s own blogging platform.

These newer sites are captivating students the world over thanks to their highly visual approach. They use photography and videos to share stories rather than long posts as did their text based ancestors.

Overall they are faster, more accessible, easier to use and a lot more fun to mess around with. What’s not to like about them?

Blogging is a fun way of sharing with friends but also meeting new people from all over the globe. There are no, or very little boundaries, endless inspiration on display, a change of scene just a click away.

For some students blogging is a real breath of fresh air from the closed groups they usually evolve in. Meeting people with similar tastes and interests is a great advantage.

If blogging can be used as a recreational thing, some people see it as a bit more than random picture fun and found alternative ways of using blogging to display their work, build a career or even make money through partnerships and advertising.

The Cosmopolitan Blog Awards hand picks bloggers from all over the UK; in 2012 LCC student Millie Cotton came second in the competition with her blog It’s a LDN thing.

Cotton has good advice for people keen to take up blogging: “Stick with it. There have been a lot of months where my hits have taken a dive. Blogging takes time. There really is no such thing as an overnight success.”

She also stresses the importance of being authentic in your writing “There are a lot of bloggers who write about what will make them the most money and their content feels a lot less genuine,” told ALN.

As blogging is so popular we wanted to find out a little more about what students write about here in UAL . We scouted around the six colleges for young and exciting bloggers. Here are a few gems we came across: Kath, LCC

“My name is Kath, I’m in my third year of surface design at LCC. My blog is about how screen print works, the techniques behind it, the processes. It’s like a mini diary for me and for other people who want to learn more about screen print. I’m in my third year of surface design. This blog is an insight on my work process. I post about different techniques that I’ve learnt. I display my drawings so when I get out of uni I’ll have this backlog of information that I can refer to and other people as well. I want it to be inspirational.”  Madeleine, CSM

My name is Madeleine, I’m currently studying my foundation at Central Saint Martins. I’ve always loved fashion since the day I lay hands on my dressing up box, however it wasn’t until January this year that I started my blog “Fashion Obscura”. Initially I started my blog as a way of sharing my style as a sort of visual diary.

As an art student I naturally find myself absorbed to the alternative things in life, and fashion. I’ve applied this concept to my blog because I find that many fashion blogs these days seem to be very similar thus lack any originality. I can spend days planning the location, look and outfit for a typical “outfit of the day” post! I “blog” about things that inspire me, whether that be a photo, a painting or public figure. Since “Fashion Obscura” came to life I have attended London Fashion Week as well as featured on, Teen Vogue, Tatler, Glamour Magazine and Yahoo. Yet what is most important to me is developing the knowledge behind my style and creating an identity for myself.  I like to think that my blog inspires people to be themselves and cherish the alternative things in life. Red, LCC

“I’m red. I’m in my first year of photography at LCC. I take photos and then organize them in series on my blog. I’ve done that for a year and a half and so far it’s going really well. I like Aaron Siskind’s work on abstract and textures. He’s quite a source of inspiration for me. Otherwise I mostly document my everyday life in North London and recent travels to south America.” Jenna, LCF

I began my website as a virtual pin-board to store all of my inspiration and images that I found beautiful. After a few years it began to reach a large following of over 10,000 and I soon realised it could be used as a platform to network, share ideas and discuss fashion.

I also used it as a place to write about my opinions and experiences in London, at LCF and within the realms of fashion and creativity. I’ve met some wonderful people through blogging and also worked with photographers who have contacted me through my blog. As a stylist, blogging a brilliant way to reflect my style, creative endeavours and attract people with similar ideas and aspirations. I also think it’s a great way to keep myself immersed within the fashion industry and I’ve learnt a lot about social media, networking and even CSS coding for building my blogs. I hope in the future it will connect me to more creative people and also inspire other’s. Jessica, LCC

“My name is I’m a first year photography student at LCC. I’ve started my photography blog about six months ago. I mainly use film cameras but I still use digital from time to time. Most of my work is documenting my personal life. I love Nan Goldin so I try to incorporate that in my photography.  I like the idea of sharing on a blog, I like to see what other people are doing. It can be a source of inspiration and collaborative projects.”   Rico, LCC

“My name is Rico, I’m in my second year of multimedia at LCC I’ve had my blog for three years now. As I do a lot of creative projects I like to put up all my inspiration up on my Tumblr to make is accessible. It’s about fashion, arts, but also music and experiences I’ve been through, anything that inspires me. It’s basically a big mood board. I think everyone’s Tumblr is special. It’s a bit like picking someone’s brains! Lately I wrote about the difficulties of moving to London and keeping in touch with friends and family. I think it’s all very relevant to students.” Pennie, Wimbledon

I started the blog as a platform to promote my art work and the exhibitions I curate. I used to use tumblr but switched to cargo collective and bought the domain as it had more features like pages and projects as well as a more professional feel. It also means I can keep my practice and personal blogs separate more easily. Having my own domain looks great when I take part in exhibitions and makes it easier for people to remember me and my blog.



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