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Swarovski awards for ‘imaginative’ CSM students

CSM students (from left) Robyn Smith and Francis Rose Knee, winners of the Swarovski 2013 scholarship

The CSM Swarovski scholarship scheme is in its third year [courtesy of Swarovski]

Swarovski have announced the two latest winners of its scholarship scheme at Central Saint Martins.

Jewellery design student Robyn Smith and fashion student Frances Rose Knee were selected by a panel that included Nadja Swarovski, course leader for BA Fashion, Willie Walters and course leader for BA Jewellery Design, Caroline Broadhead.

The scheme, launched with CSM in 2011, means each winner will receive £9,000 of funding, over £800 worth of crystals and an established connection with Swarovski in the long term.

Smith said the scholarship allowed her to work with materials that she wouldn’t have had the chance to before: “I’m really grateful for the scholarship and still can’t quite believe it. The financial support means I can afford to be brave with materials and scale, as well as access to Swarovski crystals to make a collection I’m really proud of.

“The publicity from the scholarship has already been fantastic, I feel so lucky!”


Caroline Broadhead, course leader for jewellery design and a member on the panel for a third year, said that Smith was chosen because of her “enthusiasm and imagination”.

“Robyn’s work was chosen in the end as her work stood out for being very imaginative, wide in its interpretation of jewellery and she had got lots of ideas for her final year collection,” she said. “The scholarship is judged on merit and on financial need. Gaining a scholarship is a great boost, financially and also in gaining recognition and establishing a connection with Swarovski in the long term.”

“The publicity from the scholarship has already been fantastic, I feel so lucky!”

Robyn Smith

Fashion student Knee said the annual award has allowed her to create personal pieces, which would never have been a financial reality before: “Being given this scholarship is an extraordinary opportunity and means so much to me. It opens doors that I financially wouldn’t have been able to get my foot in without.

“I have vivid and dramatic ideas and as corny and obvious as it sounds, I can make them become a reality now. Overall it allows me to make less compromises when it comes to my creativity, which is such an incredible gift,” Knee told ALN.

Swarovski, a world leader in producing cut crystals, introduced a similar scheme earlier this year at New York’s Parsons New School for Design.


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