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Must try street food at CSM

Food from all over the world is available on [Helen Hasse]

Rating: ★★★★

Street food is fun, fast, tasty, and unlikely to set you back much more than a couple of fivers, if that. London offers a wide range of food markets and Kings Boulevard, the new route that leads to CSM, is currently one of the most exhilarating cookery places., the appropriate name of the food strip on the Boulevard, offers high quality street food from all around the world. Although the line-up of vendors frequently changes, you can trust there is always a culinary experience waiting for you.

The first van in line this Thursday, Raibo, serves homemade gyoza, and even though these traditional Japanese dumplings smells appetizing I found it the least interesting of all the stands.

In a green tent filled with flower-and-leaf arrangements Kooky Bakes tempts us with some seriously good baking. The mesmerizing XL woopie-pies in all possible flavours looks more than edible.

The Rib Man promises you London’s best ribs. If baby back ribs are what you’re craving you can chose from £6 rib meat wraps and meat rolls, or racks from £7.

The ribs are exquisite, but the homemade BBQ sauce is what really makes this dish mouth watering. You have the choice of a hot sauce, and an even hotter sauce- too hot to put on the table which you have to ask for should you be brave enough.

If you’re in the mood for some culinary flatbread, ‘Well Kneaded’ serves you the best combinations of flavoured flatbread and delightful fillings. The chorizo, garlic and goat cheese is a mind-blower.

The true New York city- burgers served at ‘Bleeckers’ are meaty, succulent and worth the price at £4.50 for the cheeseburger and £7 for the double cheese. Their sweet potato-fries are a meal in themselves, so crispy and scrumptious.

For a traditional Mexican plate, ‘Luandos’ is the place. Their beef burrito with extra guacamole for £5.50 is so heavy I couldn’t imagine finishing it.

But after the first bite, and sauce, beans and beef all over my face and unfortunately my clothes, I knew I had to eat it up. Sauce, wrap and all. This one you have to try. And come back again, and again like so many others. is on Kings Boulevard every weekday from 10am- 3pm, Kings Boulevard, Granary Building  1 Granary Square, King’s Cross, London N1C 4AA


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