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Published on November 18, 2013 | by Ellie McKenna


Cheap vs Treat: Lunch & Dinner


Beigel Bake

Brick Lane Bagel shop in London’s East End [Mary Clarke]

One of the best value for money items I have ever purchased in my life. More of a commercial bakery than a sit-in place – there are about three seats along a breakfast bar – Brick Lane’s Beigel Bake is definitely a grab-and-go kind of place. Be it 3pm or 3am, if you’re in the mood for a bagel, its 24-hour opening hours can accommodate.

There’s no comforting and cosy atmosphere to rave about, however this shouldn’t matter to anyone going to sample “the best bagel in London”.

Despite a selection of fillings, the one that brings the crowds back in is the hot salt beef bagel. Boiled for hours and left on a hot slab ready to be served, your portion is carved in front of you and served with mustard in their delicious bagels which are boiled before they’re baked, making them extra tasty.

The portion size is more than sufficient and should leave you filled for hours afterwards. The beef is perfection, moist and packed with flavours – I have yet to meet someone with any qualms.

At £3.30 a go, be sure to grab one next time you’re in the East End. Situated at the top end of Brick Lane, it’s the perfect accompaniment to wandering around the vintage shops. Be careful not to confuse it with Beigel Shop two doors away, the only rival but no competition in comparison.

159 Brick Lane
E1 6SB

Open 24hrs daily



The Joint

The Joint at Brixton [Rosa Hardaker]

I stumbled across this place on my first visit to Brixton Village. Despite returning to try many of the other foodie places, this still remains my favourite.

The Joint lies in the middle of the village and can be easy to miss due to the overwhelming atmosphere of the village in general.

The seating arrangement is slightly awkward as the tables are crammed along the shop front and you could be waiting for a table for up to 15 minutes but I assure you, it’s worth the wait.

If you’ve never ventured down to Brixton Village before, be aware people don’t go to be comfortable. They go for the plethora of insane food on offer.

Saying that, there is something quite comfortable and bohemian about the overall atmosphere. The menu is simple: three steps to create your very own Man vs. Food burger or wrap.

Step 1: Make the choice between bun or wrap – the wraps are the only item on the menu not made in house. For me, the vanilla-infused brioche buns were the seemingly obvious choice and also gluten-free.

Step 2: Choose between BBQ pulled pork or BBQ shredded chicken. I opted for the pulled pork, as it is something you don’t often come across. At this stage I realized that this was turning out to be somewhat of a special occasion.

Step 3: BBQ sauce, coleslaw and candied apple smoked bacon OR Asian BBQ sauce, fresh chilli, spring onions and coleslaw. Now this was a difficult decision, however the notion of candied apple bacon blew my mind a little so I settled upon that.

£7 for this mouthwatering meal was cheaper than expected so I opted for the extras… all of them. Cheese, more bacon and an egg; at 50p per extra item, I was more than happy.

Vegetarian options (grilled vegetables wraps, salsa, guacamole) and sides (chicken wings, BBQ ribs, corn on the cob and onion rings) are also available. My compadre and I shared BBQ ribs and onion rings, which were delectable to say the least.

After a short wait, the burgers were delivered to our table in small paper parcels, creating a Christmas-like feel… for me anyway. Needless to say the burger was delicious. I didn’t think I’d be able to finish the gargantuan portion but I definitely managed.

Despite it being the ‘treat’ option, it’s still reasonably cheap and a must-try. For around a tenner per-person and the option to bring your own booze, it would be silly not to.

87 Brixton Village Market
Coldharbour Lane

Tue, Wed, Sun 12noon – 10.00pm
Thurs, Fri, Sat 12noon – 11.00pm

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