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Wig, Wam and Bam

Food is cooked in the middle of a traditional tepee [©Ben Cole]


Last winter, after months of glacial temperatures, I began to feel less like a London student and more like an Eskimo.

I genuinely started to get the urge to wear a parka made of Caribou skin and begin worshipping Nanook, master of the polar bears. Now, with the reappearance of my least favourite season, that feeling has returned.

Luckily, however, there is a special place in east London where one can release their inner Eskimo without fear of judgement, and it is called WigWamBam (situated on the roof of the Queen of Hoxton).

The inside did not disappoint and looked just like an Inuit living room. Tables and chairs were fashioned from tree stumps and the floor was carpeted in wood chippings, with a green and blue ‘Aurora Borealis’ light show dancing beautifully across the ceiling.

The main attraction, however, was the gargantuan barbecue situated in the centre, which was crammed with incredible smelling pork, lamb and salmon.

There was a selection of six hot cocktails, all of which were unusual and in keeping with the Nordic/ Alaskan theme. They cost between £5.50-£6; very reasonable for London. My personal favourite was the Hot Gin Punch, which was fruity, sharp and smelt like Christmas.

I also tried a Cheeky Chocolate Monkey (essentially a hot chocolate with whiskey), but that became sickly very quickly.

For food, I picked the crispy pork burger with chestnut and herb stuffing, which was worth every penny of the £6 price tag and came with potatoes and pickled cabbage.

When the WigWam got a bit too crowded, I took my food and drinks outside and sat by one of several open campfires. At first I was excited by this, but that novelty quickly wore off as soon I was crying into my food because there was so much smoke in my eyes.

Nevertheless, outside of the WigWam was just as interesting as the inside. The light show continued, and for once the brown smog of the London sky actually looked dazzling.

Overall, everything about this venue is wonderful (bar the smoke).There are great drinks, tasty food, and generally a very cosy and inviting atmosphere.

My only tip would be to stay away from the fires (or wear safety goggles) and to not wear anything too nice, as when you get home you will smell like smoked bacon.

Follow that advice, and WigWamBam is surely set to become your favourite winter hangout.

Admission is free, which is perfect for students, and it’s open from 5-10pm.


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