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A fascinating trip through art on the Underground

Art of Underground Poster exhibition in London Transport Museum

Art of Underground Poster exhibition in London Transport Museum [Ekaterina Anchevskaya]


The London Transport Museum is a must-see for anyone visiting London and definitely for those that live here.

Visitors have the opportunity to see and experience some of the first tube trains and learn about the expansion of the network.

The museum is currently displaying posters that have appeared on the London Underground, featuring designs from as early as 1908 right through the decades until ‘Upgrade Underway’ looms into view.

Part of the 150 Years of the London Underground series, the exhibition focuses on six themes including; Capital Culture which centres on cultural encounters at London Zoo, museums and galleries.

The Love Your City theme includes posters with iconic London landmarks, and Brightest London celebrates nights out and sporting events.

Significant artists such as Herry Perry and Abram Games produced numerous posters for the Underground; Perry’s posters appeared during the 1920s and 1930s and the museum describes her as being a very “versatile designer”.

There is so much variety on display at this exhibition, so many changes have taken place and the Poster Art 150 collection is proof of this.

The event is definitely worth a visit.

It is cooler below (1926) is a personal favourite; it promotes the cool temperature during the summer months on the underground.

Tickets are £11.50 for students and £15 for adults with unlimited re-admission for 12 months included in the ticket price.

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