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Assorted shawarmas at Taza Kebab House

Queues outside Taza’s aren’t unusual [Helen Hasse]

Rating: ★★★★

Despite what the name may suggest, the Taza Kebab House doesn’t do kebab – they do shawarma.

The queues snaking out of this tiny joint on Queensway every evening are the only thing to suggest that this is the home of possibly the best shawarma and falafel in London.

Pittas toasted with spiced lamb, chicken, or both, are the choices at Taza, rather than the greasy chunk of unidentifiable brownish-grey döner you may know from 3am on a night out.

£3.50 will buy you a pitta loaded with a more-than-generous helping of delicious meat or fantastic falafel, mixed with an Arab-style salad of shredded red cabbage, carrots, onions and herbs.

This is topped off with a combination of three sauces which compliment the filling with garlic, chilli and freshness. All meals are available on rice as well as in pita bread.

The lamb shawarma is well-seasoned and carved to order, which means you get both crunchy and tender slices in your pitta.

The falafel is crispy and flavourful, and uncommonly coarse, giving it a much more substantial texture when eaten than its ordinary counterpart.

Every meal comes with a free salad – you may have to ask for it – and if you do find yourself queuing for your food, Taza’s complimentary pickled chilies will keep the worst hunger at bay while you do.

Despite the somewhat withered fruit and vegetables in their display cases, the quality of food at Taza is very high, and the fruit they use for their made-to-order juices is all fresh.

Space is very limited, with only six or eight seats in a corner, so it is worth making the short walk to Hyde Park – weather permitting – to enjoy your shawarma in green surroundings.

Taza can’t be compared to your run-of-the-mill kebab shop, and is definitely not the place to stumble into on a late-night bender – they don’t serve chips, and aren’t open that late.

Rather, this is where you will find an authentic, tasty, and quick takeaway meal, well worth a detour if you find yourself near Bayswater.

Taza Kebab House, 35A Queensway, London, Greater London W2 4QJ


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