Published on November 12, 2013 | by Kyle Meyr


Arts Late Night: Episode 2

We’ve made it to episode two of the Arts Late Night podcast!

Join us as we discuss the match-making app Tinder in Part 1 with guests Livvy Doherty and Cyp Roy.

Livvy’s review of the controversial app has sparked interest among the newsroom and was a topic we were dying to talk about.

Tinder serves as an icebreaker by connecting people who have a mutual appreciation for each other’s looks.

You are then thrown into a conversation with them and the rest is up to you! It has a lot of us addicted to swiping left or right and – depending on the connection – finding romance.

No matter how you look at it, everyone has an opinion; you either love or hate Tinder.



In part two we address some risky ways students can make money from medical trials to gambling.

It’s wild what some students think is worth doing for some spare cash… But are some cases worth it?

Livvy wrote an article in the last issue of ALN outlining some of these outlandish jobs.

Check out the video and find out what we think!



What do you think about Tinder? Have you ever thought about making some crazy cash on the side?

Weigh in on the conversation in the comments section and look forward to episode three coming soon!

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