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Backyard Cinema: Apocalypse night – Arts London News

Published on November 11, 2013 | by Khadija Pandor


Backyard Cinema: Apocalypse night


It is the Day of the Dead weekend and Camden Town’s clubs, bars, pubs and the like were ready for the London public to let loose. The Backyard Cinema were hosting their second Apocalypse night.

A cold breeze wafted through the air and the night was lit-up by the lock-side floodlights. The perfect eerie setting for a night of fright-filled fun.Greeted with a smile by Dominic Davies, founder of Backyard Cinema, holding a pen signing off on the disclaimer – may result in injury or death.

Patiently waiting in a group of a dozen we are escorted through the Apocalypse by a fully–clad SWAT officer who proceeds to yell in our faces which results in a nervous giggle fit which only seems to aggravate him further.

Through the zombie-infested obstacle course constructed of rubbish bins, netting and metal fencing making sure to avoid being bitten, before reaching the quarantine area on the other side.

Once inside, a second army officer instructs me to raise my hand if I feel the ‘change’ at all in order to be quietly executed just in case, before going over to the refreshment area to stock up on snacks before the start of the horror film Cabin in the Woods.

The feel of abandonment from civilisation, the evacuation of the survivors as a result of the zombie apocalypse, are all aesthetically perfected by the Backyard Cinema team.

The occasional clank of a bottle and red dots scouring the floor from the snipers positioned on the balcony above, teamed with the film’s atmosphere kept the audience on the edge of their seats, jumping at every loud crash, bang or wallop.

An affordable and innovative one-of-a-kind experience; a definite must try.






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