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Ping pong and pizzas prove popular for night out

Interior of Bounce bar

Work off your pizza with Bounce’s ping pong [Jim Marks for Bounce]

Rating: ★★★★★

On the corner of Holborn sits an unusual hotspot that cannot be found easily.

A few searches will be in order until you suddenly hear a burst of music and laughter from a set of double doors that welcomes you into the retro-inspired Bounce.

Once you descend the steep stairs and turn left, the first thing that you will see is a sea of tables that are occupied by those who want to try their hand at the sport of ping pong (or table tennis) on the London 2012 Olympic table or any of the other 17 different tables that occupy the venue.

This is no ordinary bar. Inspired by the gin-palaces of old London, Bounce is packed with city types, student types and any many other types that want to try their classic British cocktails and homemade wood-fire pizzas.

Every day of the week, one will find a buzzing, yet likeable atmosphere that holds you, until you no longer notice the feeling of ping pong balls hitting your leg. Bounce is the perfect place to spend an evening singing along to the thumping music with friends.

It may seem like they have a limited cocktail menu, since you won’t find any classics like the cosmopolitan on it, but they haven’t made the wrong decision in choosing which ones to serve.

The Wiff Waff cocktail, Ladies Delight No.2 and Ping Pong Show -to name a few- are all a must try.

You will need to branch out and be different. Try the Treacle Tart cocktail which is a mix of Havana, maple syrup, apple and orange juice. For the manly, there are beers and ciders and for the girls that do want tradition, there are red, white and sparkling wines.

The more than helpful bar staff are on hand to tell you the best drink to try first, serving it quickly and to your preferred taste.

Cocktails range between £7 and £9 so make sure you take enough money as this unordinary bar is not one you can leave in a hurry.

Visit Bounce London at 121 Holborn, EC1N 2TD, (020) 3657 6525, for more details see their website

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