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Gymbox: a new way to workout

Image of a typical Gymbox which has a nightclub feel

Gymbox merges working out with a nightclub feel [Photo: Gymbox]

Going out to a nightclub and going to the gym are two of a student’s favourite past-times, but they should never be combined, or should they? Gymbox certainly think so.

The London-based gym company are coming up to their 10th anniversary and have been revolutionising the way people exercise at their gyms.

The gyms combine exercise and entertainment in a nightclub atmosphere.

They shy away from the stereotypical white walls and wooden floors, with their gyms using graphic design walls and DJ booths, giving it a totally unique feel.

Holborn branch salesman Bradley Moulden said:“It’s designed around the concept of being fun, different and has the slogan ‘anything goes’.

“It revolves around classes, we have all your core classes that you could get anywhere else, but making sure we put our own spin on it, therefore making it unique to Gymbox.”

Being different is vital for Gymbox, and through the classes they have to offer you can see why they are completely distinctive to any other gym: “Current trends is something we stay on top on, we re-jig the class timetable every month.

“We have the twerk-it-out classes which have only started this month but it’s very, very popular.”

The need to keep ideas and classes fresh is essential in the way Gymbox keeps their customers happy when it comes to keeping fit.

One of the most popular classes the gym offers is the bar-tending class, which focus on core and upper-body strength.

“We have cross-climbing frames, which is something most other gyms in London don’t have. It started out as a small craze, online and on YouTube, we jumped on the whole idea, co-operated it into the club and its taken off and got a massive following.”

The most distinctive aspect to Gymbox is it’s party theme; walking into the gym for the first time it could easily be mistaken for a nightclub, huge lighting and sound systems are merged with the latest gym equipment and a huge boxing ring which reminds you that you are indeed in a gym.

The gyms themselves are designed by BDK, who designed the Hacienda nightclub amongst others.

This, coupled with live music sets, gives the Gymbox its distinctive atmosphere: “One of the key selling points for Gymbox is the fact we have DJs come in.

“I offer tours on a daily basis and people don’t believe it when we say DJs come in and play. It definitely has a huge effect,” said Moulden.

Gymbox like to celebrate hard work, it puts on club events every three months, which help build the club’s community between staff and gym–goers.

With the company coming up to its 10th anniversary, a special secret location party in East London has been arranged on November 15.

It is no surprise that there is a high percentage of student members, roughly around 50-60 per cent. Student memberships are offered at a reduced price of £53 per month. Gymbox continues to strive to be the most innovative gyms around.

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