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Wimbledon student ‘running for president of the US’

Rosa Nussbaum's poster

Wimbledon student Rosa Nussbaum’s presidential campaign is part of her course [Rosa Nussbaum]

Wimbledon student Rosa Nussbaum is launching a campaign in an attempt to become President of the United States.

Nussbaum’s project is part of her print and time-based media course, and goes ahead despite the fact that it is not an election year, the President of the United States must be over 35 and must be a legal American citizen.

However, Nussbaum, 22 and a British national born in Germany, believes she can overcome these obstacles.

“I believe that America is the land of the free. Are we not free men and women? I will not let arbitrary geographical boundaries prevent me from doing my duty as a true proponent of the American dream. I believe if we all vote hard enough we can lead America into a brighter tomorrow,” she said.

The work Nussbaum is doing on her campaign, including designing her own posters, will be presented at the Wimbledon degree show. Her tutors have been very supportive: “They have been very important in getting the word out about my campaign and giving me invaluable advice,” she added.


Nussbaum will mainly be campaigning within the UAL colleges as she thinks this is where she can reach the most people: “At the moment, I’m building a strong voter base at Wimbledon and will soon be off on the campaign trail across the other colleges,” Nussbaum said.

“Later on in the year there will a presidential debate and eventually a ballot. I will schedule the ballot to be during the Wimbledon degree show so as to encourage as many voters as possible to cast their vote and make a difference.”

Unsurprisingly, there are those who are sceptical about the campaign. Andy, another Wimbledon student said: “I think this is more about publicity and promotion rather than becoming President as it’s a pretty unrealistic campaign.”


To those who doubt Nussbaum, she said: “To those unbelievers I will extend you the hand of friendship. And I will ask that you let me prove myself to you in action as in word. Come to one of my speeches, ask me questions, let me alleviate your doubts.”

Nussbaum’s policies include a more democratic America that takes into account the votes of all its citizens, legal and aspirational. She also advocates a forward-thinking America that invests in its children’s dreams and provides world-class education and healthcare.

Nussbaum’s next scheduled campaign event will be held on Thursday 14 November at Wimbledon where she will give a speech detailing her campaign platform and answer questions.


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