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Vera Tussing’s Sound Bed charms CSM crowd

The sound bed in action

Sound Bed performance by The Place [Ekaterina Anchevskaya]

Performance artist Vera Tussing took to the stage at CSM last week for her new Sound Bed performance, calling on fashion students to get involved in the installation.

The seven-minute performance involved a member of the audience lying on a moving platform as dancers manoeuvre speakers around to cinematic music.

“Much of my work is dedicated to the exploration of connections between senses; how the sensory experience is structured and how senses structure our experience,” Tussing said.

“We are interested in the narrative potential of sound and how the auditory phenomenon can be physicalised into a tactile experience.”

The choreographer and performer – who trained at London Contemporary Dance School – said the concept of Sound Bed naturally grew out of practical research while exploring the nature of sound for another project.


“The intentional cinematic editing of the sound is used to create movement and journeys. It’s a specific choice that we try and create a gentle, pleasurable, and empathetic experience,” Tussing said. “Participating in Sound Bed does involve an act of trust from the audience, and as performers we have to honour that.”

Louise Jardine, artist manager at Work Place, has been delighted with the reactions from the audience who described the experience as ‘meditative’ and ‘transcendental’.

“We are starting to work a bit more in partnership with Central Saint Martins and the response from students, staff and curious passers-by was fantastic. We’re really pleased that it was such a success. I hope, and I’m sure it will, lead to further opportunities for collaboration between our two organisations and the artists we all work with,” said Jardine.

For more information on Vera Tussing’s upcoming shows, visit her website or her Facebook.


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