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Del Rey does ethereal

Lana Del Rey's new edition of Born to Die

Del Rey’s new album is a different sound for the artist [Flickr]

Rating: ★★★★

Following on from her debut album, Born To Die, comes Lana Del Rey’s second, repackaged version of the album, Born To Die: The Paradise Edition. 

As smooth and dreamy as her first album, this double-disc set contains the entire first album and a further eight new songs from the breathtaking Del Rey. The long anticipated album features Del Rey’s signature seductive sound, which does not falter to remain constant throughout each of the eight new tracks offered.

Produced by American record producer and co-president of Columbia Records, Rick Rubin, the first single from the collection, Ride is the perfect follow on track from the song that made Del Rey; the infamous Video Games.

In her iconic ethereal sound, Ride tells a story of a singer, who finds sanctuary while on tour, in the company of a series of different men.

Born To Die: The Paradise Edition additionally features new songs including, Body Electric, Gods and Monsters, Bel Air, and a cover of the 1950s classic Blue Velvet – a track that is being used as part of her H&M advertising campaign.

Whilst the album has an almost monotonous dulcet sound from start to finish, Del Rey’s distinct tone is perfectly constant throughout, where her old Hollywood glamour approach to singing remains iconic to her vocal technique.

Del Rey’s unique attitude towards music sets her style aside from the generic sounding pop music that dominates the music charts today. Del Rey’s debut album highlighted her fixation on Hollywood’s prime examples of American femininity – a theme that persists tenaciously through her extraordinary delivery of the gorgeous melodies of her new tracks.

Hitting stores across the UK on November 13, Del Rey’s album will be available as a stand-alone CD and in a double-disc set. The luminously beautiful album is available for £9.00 from most HMV stores or from HMV online, and is a must have for fans and newcomers alike of Del Rey’s distinctive sound.


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