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Free drinks for pair of pants

Find a different night out at The London Cocktail Club [Flickr]

Rating: ★★★★★

You may walk past The London Cocktail Club (LCC) on Goodge Street a few times before finding it, but your persistence will be richly rewarded.

Hidden from plain sight down a black iron staircase, this small bar is one of London’s best spots for a raucous, cocktail-fuelled party.

Inside this Victorian gin-palace inspired joint, only a concerted effort will prevent you from having a good time.

Thursday to Saturday the place is packed with partying patrons pouring down a plethora of scrumptious cocktails in a buzzing atmosphere, all sporadically wailing along to the crowd-pleasing soundtrack.

The London Cocktail Club is great place for a night out with friends, even if some aren’t fond of cocktails – though this’d be a great place to change that – because this bar is for everyone from students to city boys.

No one here will judge you if your preferred tipple is beer, wine, cider or shots, though cocktails are the main attraction. On the LCC’s expansive menu you’ll find a selection revealing that they take cocktails seriously, but don’t take themselves too seriously.

Ranging from classics such as the Aviation, to kitschy 80s drinks like Piña Coladas, to their most popular creation: the Porn Star Martini – a mix of vodka, fresh passion fruit, vanilla, and apple juice, served with a shot of Prosecco – there’s something for every taste.

Unique to LCC are a series of foodie cocktails, which all pair food-inspired drinks with edible garnishes, like their famous Bacon & Egg Martini: bacon-infused Jack Daniel’s, maple syrup, bitters and egg-white, served with a slice of bacon. Also try their take on a Jägerbomb: Red Bull jelly, Jägermeister, lemon, and Tabasco, served on an oyster shell.

The highly skilled bartenders will help you navigate the menu to find a drink that suits you, and provide quick, friendly service. Cocktails are between £8 and £9, so LCC is not for an everyday boozer, but prices are fair for the quality of the drinks.

For the more shameless female drinkers, giving your bra to the bar gets you a free shot, a pair of pants for a free cocktail, and going topless will get you free drinks all night.

The London Cocktail Club, 61 Goodge St, London, W1T 1TL


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