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No more blind dates

Tinder, a free dating app app [Photo by Ekaterina Anchevskaya]


The Tinder dating app claims to have made more than 100 million matches and led to 50 marriage proposals since its US launch in September.

This didn’t start off as a review of Tinder – I was going to interview students who had used the dating app themselves – but then I thought, why not kill two birds with one stone?

There are some major advantages to Tinder, especially if you have already tried some form of online matchmaking. First of all, it’s free. Match, Zoosk and eHarmony all have a monthly fee (£22-£44).

The second plus point for the app is that you can only message someone who likes you back. This limits the opportunity for unwanted, sometimes offensive e-mails; winks and photos that someone has wrongly assumed were sexy.

The downside of the quite simplistic ‘yes or no’ system is that as soon as you click ‘like’ on someone you think, ‘s*it…did I really find him that attractive? Now he is going to think I am really keen.’

Or your ‘NOPE’ finger gets a little carried away watching the massive red four letter words appear on the screen until you realise you are just pressing ‘No’ and not looking at the pictures any more.

After a week of using the app I had six matches. Here is where the real problems start. As someone often accused of being too forward, or not allowing men to make the first move, I decided not to start any conversations with my matches.

The result was that only one of them has begun a conversation with me. This has not moved past two messages. mine being the last.

However, once you are matched up with someone you are able to chat away. You can also see whether you have mutual friends on Facebook with potential matches, as well as having the choice to narrow your search area down. Overall, I think Tinder is a great app — if you are willing to be patient.



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