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Powers throws a curveball

Eastbound & Down [flickr: Fan The Fire Magazine]


If you’ve never seen HBO’s acclaimed comedy Eastbound and Down, make the most of its surprise fourth season. ‘Surprise’ because its lead character, fictitious baseball player Kenny Powers apparently died in last season’s finale.

It turns out he faked his own death. Played by Danny McBride (Pineapple Express, Tropic Thunder), Kenny is a man whose debauchery ended his short-lived fame and success in Major League Baseball. His cocaine-induced antics and distinctly non-PC take on life have become legendary and have created a loyal fan base for the show.

Kenny has toned down his act as the new series begins after marrying high school sweetheart April and becoming a domesticated, suburban dad.

Kenny now has two kids and works at a car rental shop, living a life so average it makes the audience cringe. The family man tucks his shirt in, shows up to work on time (sober, too), and no longer drives a pick-up truck with chrome testicles hanging on the back.

However normal middle America would consider Kenny’s life to be, his misery is obvious.

His anger builds up inside, and he doesn’t do much to contain it. After running into an old team-mate who hosts a talk show, Kenny stumbles into an exit from his mundane new life. After a big night out, he proceeds to quit his job, punches his boss in the face, and recovers his box of drugs from the garage. In typical Kenny fashion, the box contains just about every drug under the sun and after a few hits of everything… he starts digging a swimming pool. Debauched Kenny is back – and more power to him.




Eastbound and Down : Thursdays, 10.30pm, Fox.

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