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3D animation film award for LCC lecturer

Lumen Award winner, Katerina Athanasopoulou

Lecturer’s film about Greece achieves key prize [Josh Hayes]

LCC animation lecturer Katerina Athanasopoulou has won the prestigious Lumen Award for her first ever full 3D film Apodemy.

“I was really delighted and moved. This is a film that is about the state of my country. The situation is something that I experience in Greece now,” said Athanasopoulou. “It was important that it was a picture of what is happening in a country that is definitely ravaged by the crisis and a country that feels that it’s emptying.”

The project was commissioned for an art installation in Athens and took two months to prepare. It is based on the themes of emigration and the economic crisis.

She adds: “There are a lot of buildings that are left unfinished and would be forever abandoned. They actually look like cages. People can’t find work and they are setting off to go in circumstances that are quite harsh.”

Apodemy shows themes of emigration through Plato’s philosophy, which sees ‘the human soul as a birdcage’.

“We are born with an empty birdcage for a soul and as we grow up we gather birds that is knowledge and we keep them in that cage,” Athanasopoulou said. “Because of the idea of emigration I was really interested to think of migratory birds in a cage because to an extent emigration is not an action that you do lightly.

“It’s an actual choice and at the same time it’s not something most people like to do. Often it’s something that they do because they have to move.”

“It means a lot,” said Jake Green, a third-year animation student under her tutelage. “It brings a lot more confidence to the course because you can see the tutors making progress. It gives you the belief in their skills which they are obviously translating to you.”

Kevin Jurin, also a third-year, agreed: “It gives you confidence that teachers know what they are doing and because she’s won the award it attracts more students and makes the course even better.”

Susi Wilkinson, BA Animation course leader said: “The Lumen Prize is a prestigious award and we are delighted that first prize has been given to Katerina’s stunning work.

“The students benefit from this in all kinds of ways and it’s particularly great for them to see how their tutors are applying their skills in a professional context and to see a path that they too could follow.”

The Lumen Prize Exhibition goes on show in 2014, from March 17-22 at Chelsea College of Art and Design’s Triangle Space.

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