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UAL’s charity netball marathon

UAL in action during the charity match at Lilian Baylis school [Paolina Stadler]

UAL in action during the charity match at Lilian Baylis school [Paolina Stadler]

The University of the Arts London netball society recently (October 27) completed a 24-hour netball match at Lilian Bayliss School in Vauxhall to raise money for the team, as well as for the charity Access Sport.

So far the match has raised more than £800, surpassing the original target of £500 with donations still coming in.

The charity benefits children from disadvantaged areas by offering them the chance to participate in a variety of local sports.

The match began at midday on Saturday, with the girls playing through the night.

Shan Randhawa, joint-president of UAL netball, was ecstatic that the event was a success: “I think there have been moments throughout the day where me and Laura (Williams, also joint-president) looked at each other and thought, ‘I can’t believe we’ve actually achieved this,’ not only for the club but for the charity, taking time out of our weekends to raise money for a good cause.

“It went really well, we’ve just about survived and all the girls put in a good effort, and it was really nice to see lots of people from other sports come down and support,” said Randhawa.

The game was played continuously, with more than a thousand goals being scored. Netball games are usually only played over one hour.

Williams was pleased that the girls who are part of the team could contribute to a worthy cause: “Access Sport is a charity that helps disadvantaged children get access to local community sport which we think is just a fantastic cause and also kind of relates to us in a way, because Arts’ (sports teams) doesn’t get much funding and we’re always looking at ways to get funding for our teams to allow people to get more involved in sport.”

Access Sport, founded in 2004, ‘look to harness the proven power of sport to tackle social exclusion, inactivity and obesity,’ and do so through ‘empowering the inspirational community volunteers who set up and run local sports clubs’.

“They’ve been really supportive, we’ve been really lucky that the charity officers of Access Sport have encouraged us and given us some great advice on how to promote it online and on social media, so they’ve been great and we have had even more reason to be happy to be raising money for them,” said Randhawa.

Emily Barnett, vice-president of UAL sport, said: “I think it’s a massive thing for UAL to do stuff for the community and do stuff for charity, so although it has been a massive undertaking, I’m very proud of Laura and Shan for organising it.

“I think it would be good if all the clubs continue to contribute and maybe combine powers and then we could pretty much do anything!, Take over the world,” she added.

Representatives from the various sports societies in UAL played a part in the game, which especially pleased the two presidents: “As I’ve said before, netball is an ambitious sport and it’s just nice to see people encouraging us, and 24 hours is a long period of time and for people to be really supportive and happy for us but and also shocked that we’ve done it is amazing,” said Randhawa, with Williams adding: “The response has been really positive, and I think people from the other UAL sports have been pleasantly surprised that we’re doing it in a way, and it feels like everyone is behind us, so it feels good.”



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