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UAL boxing society becomes surprise success

Douggie (left) instructs a newcomer on defence [Photo by - Mohamed Sumra]

Douggie (left) instructs a newcomer on defence [Mohamed Sumra]

Head coach Douggie John has expressed his delight at the number of females who have attended the UAL’s new boxing society.

John, who also trains aspiring boxers at the Bridge Academy club, runs a two-hour session between 5-7pm on a Thursday evening in High Holborn that is open to both males and females.

And he couldn’t hide his delight at the early attendances.

“There’s one word that can describe the mood in the camp during our first few sessions and that is buzzing!” said John.

“We had such a good turnout in the first few weeks, and the ratio of males to females was split down the middle. I have been extremely impressed with the standard shown from the girls, and I’d like some to join the other clubs I run.”

One of those female participants is Tanviya Sapru who studies Foundation Journalism at the London College of Communication.


Sapru, who has a background in martial arts and jujitsu, had nothing but great things to say about John’s sessions.

“It’s really fun, intense and it teaches you a lot. Douggie pays a lot of attention to technique, which is a component of boxing I am majorly interested in. To be honest I love anything to do with fighting,” she explained.

The session is free to all UAL students and it focuses on fitness, self-defence and technique.

John in particular was keen to play down the fighting aspect, instead stressing the need for girls to be able to protect themselves to some degree.

“It’s completely non–contact, and if the girls are worried they will pile on muscle they can rest assured that won’t happen as it’s not that kind of activity.

“My sessions are defence orientated and I believe that is important as we all need to be able to protect ourselves,” said John.

Sapru echoed John’s thoughts about the importance of self-defence: “For all the girls pondering whether to join, please don’t think twice – just join. You learn a lot and by the end of this year you will be more confident in self-defence.”


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