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Funeral selfies: A new mourning trend

Smartphone user taking a selfie

Taking selfies at funerals may be a new trend among young people [Alice Russell]

A new Tumblr blog has emerged on the Internet that reveals how some teenagers see nothing wrong with taking a quick ‘selfie’ during a family funeral.

Selfies at Funerals is dedicated to young people snapping a photo of themselves whilst attending the funeral of their late family members.

Jason Feifer, creator of the blog, got the idea for the site when noticing the strange places people are willing to take photos of themselves in.

This included a visit to Amsterdam, where he saw individuals taking pictures of themselves inside the Anne Frank House.

“I wondered if people ever take this to super inappropriate levels and I made a note to myself to poke around once I got back home,” he said.

By searching through social network sites for hashtag and word combinations like ‘selfie’ and ‘funeral’, Jason quickly found a collection of teenagers who see nothing wrong with taking a selfie during a funeral.


This included one teenager taking a photo of himself whilst stood in front of his recently deceased grandmother’s open coffin, with the body in full view.

One CSM student believes the new Tumblr might actually be an insight into how young people cope with death in the era of social media.

Katrin Leiesse explained: “It’s actually a bit extreme but I think in our society we really don’t cope with death. Maybe they are just finding a way to make it accessible for them.

“There’s actually a culture around funerals (in other places) and we don’t have that in Western countries so much, where people talk and they mourn and they come together. So maybe they’re just trying to cope with their own feelings.”

However, Kaiya Volodima, who studies BA Animation at LCC, doesn’t share this view: “They’re idiots for disrespecting their loved ones who have just died. They disrespect their family and ‘the rules’. Some rules must not be broken.”

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