Published on November 5, 2013 | by Rosie Atkin, Raghad Bezizi & Sophie Smallshaw



Presenter: Raghad Bezizi
Producers: Rosie Atkin, Sophie Smallshaw, Raghad Bezizi
Filmed and edited by: Valentina de Vito, Raghad Bezizi

The time spent being a fresher at university is for most, a scary and exciting new taste of independence. The process of tearing yourself from home, moving to a new city – or country – beginning a new course, and becoming a new you, throws some surprising new experiences in your path – and it can take some getting used to.

Feeling nostalgic, ALN Voices decided to explore the campus of Central Saint Martins to find out what piece of advice our fellow students would give to current UAL freshers, and what they wish somebody had told them when they were starting out…

  “Meet as many people as you can and then choose who you don’t like.” Alice, MA Arts and Science, CSM
  “Do whatever you want! Do what you have always wanted to do and you will make work that you’re proud of. If you have the notion to paint yourself blue and sing opera, then do it. It will work out.” Eimear, Performance Design and Practice, CSM
  “Don’t attend.” Carl, Steve and Earl, Architecture, CSM
  “Stock up on as many art materials as you can before you come so you don’t have to waste all of your loan.” Maeve, Performance design and practice, CSM
  “Join a sport or society because sometimes it can be hard to make friends on your course.” Jocelyn, Performance design and practice, CSM
  “Don’t sleep with everyone on your course, don’t go out all of the time, and don’t spend all of your loan on drugs and alchohol…” Will, Ceramic design, CSM
  “Get a locker and hold onto it.” Alistair, Ceramic design, CSM
  “Move out of the way.” Raghad, BA Journalism, LCC
  “Try and find a good work and life balance, but make sure that you enjoy yourself and that the life outweighs the work.” Rosie, BA Journalism, LCC
  “Don’t buy books unless you really have to, thats what libraries are for! Save your money for other things.” Sophie, BA Journalism, LCC



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