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Women’s netball team suffer painful defeat

UAL netball players during a 24-hour fund-raising match

UAL netball players [Picture: Paolina Stadler]

City University 27 – 21 UAL 2nd team

Arts 2nd’s netball team lost to City University at Sobell Leisure Centre in a nail-biting match that ended one minute early due to a serious injury on court.

During the first half of the game City gained an 11-4 lead thanks to impeccable accuracy from their shooters and a solid defence display at the back. It resulted in Arts finding it hard to move around the court to create space.

Captain Tasha Smith explained during half time: “We realised we needed to have some more movement around the attacking circle and pass the ball around instead of panicking.”

The whistle blew for the start of the third quarter and the dimension of the game changed dramatically.

Arts were the in control thanks to some fantastic team play from goalkeeper Charlotte Lee and Bryony Firth in goal defence, who were combining to block City from gaining possession.

Some brilliant spacing from Lauren Bertrand, driving out of the circle allowed Gina Cooper to run straight in with the ball and shoot to close the deficit.

Click here to listen to Shan Randhawa talking to the ALN sportscast

With the Arts looking to cut further  into the opposition’s lead, Cooper lead the attack surging across the court before taking a heavy blow to the head.

Play stopped immediately and fortunately the City netballers were trainee nurses who explained the injury was shock and took care of Cooper until she was able to stand again.

With only one minute left before the final whistle, the game ended there with a disappointing 27-21 win to City.


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