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Fashion film takes flight for Pigeons & Peacocks


LCF student Gsus Lopez has produced a short film to celebrate the launch of the sixth issue of annual LCF magazine Pigeons & Peacocks.

It Melts looks at the worth of objects in fashion; be it monetary or sentimental.

Lopez, who studies BA Fashion Media, had his film previewed at the launch night of Pigeons & Peacocks‘ latest issue.

“The idea came when I saw a girl on the underground with a lower range handbag,” says Lopez. “She was eating a crepe that started dripping chocolate on the bag … she vaguely cleaned it but didn’t seem to care too much about it. I asked myself: ‘what if that bag was precious because of an emotional attachment or even just the price tag?’”

He added: “I am very intrigued by our ephemeral existence and how objects – especially fashion – remain here after we are gone, finding themselves new owners. It’s scary but beautiful at the same time.”


Pigeons & Peacocks was launched in 2008 and is run by LCF students, staff and contributors. It acts as a platform for “the emerging talent, the new taste makers and the future voices of the industry”.

The magazine showcases the work of designers, stylists, artists, photographers, journalists and, as of this year, filmmakers.

It Melts also shows the work of other students including BA Fashion Business student Viktorija Balankevic, who was also the stylist for the film.

“I like to work with a creative team,” said Lopez. “If through my films, designers can showcase their work to portray a character’s personality, then that’s great.”

Pigeons & Peacocks is the first thing I ever received in the post from LCF when I was living in Barcelona,” he explained. “I loved the magazine and ever since I’ve wanted to contribute. It’s amazing that I have just done their first fashion film.”

To accompany a new issue, Pigeons & Peacocks now has a new-look website that boasts exclusive features, interviews, photo shoots, and the latest fashion news.

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