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The porn-star is dead; long live the couch

ALN features writer, Cyprien Roy [Emanuele Giovagnoli]

Our generation’s ability to work around paying for online content is unquestionable.

When a torrent website offers free movies, music and, for the purpose of this blog post, porn, it’s hard to imagine shelling out a few pounds in order to enjoy said content.

In the mid-2000s when free online porn websites started to flourish, the demise of the quintessential porn star as we once knew them began.

The availability of free porn changed the industry in such a way that most porn stars soon became nothing more than glorified antiquities.

The amateur, girl-next-door category became a staple for websites because it essentially relied on broke students performing on camera to make ends meet.

Or so it would seem…

The now infamous black couch from Backroom Casting Couch – face facts, you’ve seen it – is as much of a cultural icon as Jenna Jameson was in her heyday.

Backroom Casting Couch prides itself on featuring amateur, inexperienced girls who are willing to sleep with the website’s host.

He entices girls with promises of money once a demo tape is filmed, which will then be sent to producers around the world.

The only problem is, there is no money, no real job.

You get the story.

This porn category is supposedly called amateur, or even reality, yet it doesn’t take a genius to spot the same girls on various – but highly similar – websites.

Exploited College Girls – another rags-to-riches female student website – films the same demographic and has featured the same girls as Backroom Casting Couch in the past.

Has our inherent love for free online ‘products’ changed the way an industry portrays itself? In this case, as innocent university students fornicating on camera to pay their water bills?

How can a simple black couch hold so much meaning around the world, when in fact its image was built around lies and deceit?

These girls aren’t your next-door neighbour, they obviously signed some type of contract and got paid for their scenes – that’s how porn works.

But it is interesting how in this day and age of ‘free’ content, the content itself has mirrored the users’ sense of exploitation.

While users embrace and exploit the system, the system delivers a make-believe version of actual events; broke girls not getting paid to shoot a scene.

Simply put, when our predecessors actually paid for videos they expected grandiose, big production films in which the most famous Valley porn stars acted to their full abilities.

Nowadays, it seems that every two weeks, we make do with a toothless trailer-park inhabitant named JoJo.

C’est la vie.


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