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Published on October 28, 2013 | by Jenine Ebanks and Sharayne Jones


Halloween Nail Tutorial



How To: Halloween Nails

With Halloween around the corner, now is the perfect time to get creative with your claws. These quick and easy tips and tricks will leave your nails looking a treat!

What you need:

* Nail Polish (Halloween themed colours)

* A Black and White Nail Pen

* Nail Polish Remover

* A Thin Brush or Cotton Buds.

Step 1

Make sure your nails are filed, buffed and clean. Apply a base coat to each nail before you apply your colour. This prevents your nails from being stained by any wacky colours you’re going to use.

Step 2

With the colours of your choice, apply a different colour to each nail.

Step 3

To create a striped effect, use a black nail pen to draw three horizontal lines across your first nail.

Step 4

On your second nail, use a white nail pen, to paint three diagonal lines across the nail. In creating a spider web effect, draw small, arched lines in between.

Step 5

To add to the spooky theme, take a white nail pen and outline the shape of a skull on your third nail. Once filled in, use a black nail pen to draw two large dots for the eyes, two small dots for the nose and three small vertical lines for the teeth.

Step 6

Creating a hanging spider on the fourth nail, use a black nail pen to paint an off centred vertical line, stopping half way down the nail. Then draw a small circle for the body and four lines an either side for the legs. Take a white nail pen and add two dots for the eyes.

Step 7

Using a grey nail polish, paint a thick arch a third of a way down the nail to create a tombstone. Whilst the tombstone is drying, use a white nail pen to draw small X’s above, to create stars. Take a black nail pen, draw small cracks and write ‘RIP’ on the tombstone, adding an eerie effect.

Step 8

Once you have completed all of your designs, apply a top coat to each nail.

Step 9

Dip a small brush or cotton bud in some nail varnish remover and wipe off any excess nail polish.

Step 10

And there you have it, your haunting Halloween themed nails.


Tutorial by Chloe Watson

Audio, film, edit: Jenine Ebanks and Sharayne Jones.

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