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All over the Internet, many argue that the second season of War on Terror drama Homeland should have finished with the bang that never was at the end of its first season in 2011.

Yet, even though its second season in 2012 never quite hit the heights of its predecessor, Homeland still saw success with viewers and awards juries; and for viewers, we did finally get that bang.

However three episodes into the third season and so far it hasn’t been great.

We’ve seen no sign of war-hero-turned-terror-suspect Brody (Damian Lewis), while bi-polar CIA agent Carrie Mathison (Claire Danes) has tearfully gurned her way through the first two episodes, having been put in a mental institution by her peers for a failed attempt at leaking Brody’s innocence into the press.

Oh, and Brody’s annoying daughter Dana (Morgan Saylor) – who no-one really cares about – nearly took up the whole second episode as a way to show us she has recovered from her suicide attempt by starting a hilarious and cringe-worthy relationship with a mentally unstable emo boy. Yes, they even kiss in the rain.

But have no fear! Brody is finally back in Tower of David. He is bald, bullet-ridden and somehow in Venezuela.

The first half-hour of the show sees Brody held prisoner in a tower block by a group of mercenaries led by El Niño (Manny Perez), who apparently knows Carrie somehow – small world.

Lewis is excellent here and despite the poor writing of the show, you cannot fault his acting chops as he puts across Brody’s mental and physical pain throughout the episode, especially when he compares his new home to “that hole in Iraq”.

In the tower we are also introduced to the enigmatic Dr. Graham (Erik Peters) who tends to Brody’s wounds whilst tempting him with an escape via heroin throughout the episode.

Imprisonment is a strong theme, as we switch to Carrie who is still being held in a psychiatric hospital begging her doctor to contact CIA boss Saul (Mandy Patinkin), while partaking in some crazy activities such as making a house of out lolly sticks and banging her head against a mirror.

It just feels like we have been here before; at least there were no updates on the Brody bunch this week.

The final scene of the episode could match up to the show’s writing staff – minus the drugs – as Brody self-injects heroin after a failed escape attempt and sees an innocent Imam shot dead. We also see a dishevelled Carrie freshly medicated.

Both characters are yet again seemingly in a corner, looking for answers, but not finding the correct ones. It is up to the writers if we are going to care any more in the coming weeks.


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