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Rooting for all our sports

Basketball court , West Pier, Brighton

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Culture is one of the biggest inspirations used in the creation of any art form, especially at the University of the Arts. More than ever, sports culture influences people’s creative outputs.

Basketball, a sport with a great history, is most popular in America, but despite Americanisation on the increase throughout the United Kingdom, be it through food, politics, music or technology, the sport has struggled to overcome the Britain’s dominant sports.

Fashion wise, the basketball culture has taken the high street by  storm. Whether it is an NBA team logo on a jacket or the re-release of an iconic 90s Jordan basketball shoe, culture that originated in slums of New York has been re-established into what is current amongst youth.

Skateboarding is also very similar. It is seen as more of an art form in its creation and output, it is also heavily influential due to its creative culture, particularly in fashion.

Skate shoes and skateboarding companies/brands are hugely popular among admirers. Art, whether it be drawn or printed on decks by skateboarders are seen as collectable by a great number of people.


Rather unfortunately, for what we consume from these cultures, it’s very rare we can return the favour to the scenes that have so greatly influenced us.

Basketball courts around London are not receiving enough attention to play and maintain at the level to keep furthering and developing the sport in this country.

Recently, London’s Southbank Centre planned a £120 million redevelopment of the South Bank Undercroft, one of the most globally recognisable skate spots, in return for more retail shops.

Palace Skateboards, a company known for rising from the infamous skate park, even having South Bank’s iconic landscape pictured on the forefront of their website have recognised South Bank as one of the most influential and creative spots worldwide.

Rather understandably, if we are able to stay influenced by these cultures, we should  support their roots.

To support the Save Southbank campaign, sign the petition, purchase some merchandise and look out for support events, visit –

To support basketball in London, visit your local basketball court, or sign up for UAL basketball team at –

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