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FIFA 14 kicks off

Each year thousands of gaming fans across the country count down to the launch of the latest FIFA game, an event which creates mile-long queues outside of any superstore fortunate enough to cash in on the opportunity.

Gamescom expo, Cologne, Germany

Queues at the FIFA 14 release in Cologne, Germany (photo by: Sergey Galyonkin)

Once purchased, it summons every single one of us FIFA fans to our sofas, playing season after season, from sunrise to sunset.

Defenders are able to use their strength to a better advantage, shielding the ball is now easier and more realistic, so Theo Walcott can no longer knock the ball ten yards in front and score.

It definitely seems the game’s makers, EA, have gone to great lengths to keep these matches at 0-0 for as long as they can, so scoring can become the novelty it is in real life play.

Transfer deadline

The Sky Sports experience FIFA introduced last year is elaborated on once more by the presence of Soccer Saturday’s Jeff Stelling opening every fixture. All it needs now is Chris Kamara and we have a full set! Commercial breaks for FIFA 15, who knows.

Rather strangely the initial FIFA 14 release didn’t include any of the deals from the ever exciting ‘transfer deadline day’, despite hitting the shops several weeks later.

Woefully, the front cover of the game, which featured poster boy Gareth Bale was released wearing a Tottenham shirt. A huge mistake from EA considering the speculation surrounding the Welshman all summer.

Another disappointing aspect of the game is the player likeness as it’s still somewhat of a mixed bag. Chelsea’s Oscar looks scarily realistic, while some other top players look less realistic.

Bearing in mind that those with a bit of extra cash are anticipating the new PS4 and Xbox One consoles, which FIFA 14 will be released on. Those who are stuck with the current technology, the graphics over the past few years haven’t changed in the game, which is always a massive disappointment.

So if you’re looking for that ‘wow’ factor, you may decide not to pay your rent for another few months so you buy the next generation of equipment.

It’s safe to say EA are developing the game year by year to eventually have us all mixed up between playing our consoles and watching the television, this year’s FIFA 14 definitely represents this ambition.

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