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Top Five Festival Products for Guys

An oldie but well-loved, and its price is perfect for the amount you’ll be using at a festival. [Flickr: Josh Swannack]

Hands free hand wash
Price: £3.50
Rating: 8/10

Hands free hand wash is a fantastic product to keep your hands fresh and clean in the heat and dirt of a summer festival. This product has a subtle green tea fragrance, which adds to the products appeal, and lasts for several hours while claiming to kill 99.9% of bacteria.

This hand wash is presented in minimalist packaging as well as being available in a mini bottle that is pocket friendly, perfect for a hassle free festival.


Clarins UV Plus Protective Day Screen SPF40
Price: £29.50
Rating: 7/10

It is no secret that over-exposure to the sun and pollution are the most common cause for accelerated ageing and it is vital to use an SPF every day to keep your skin young and wrinkle-free. Although the price may be a little hefty, it is well worth it.

Its invisible consistency is full of 100% mineral sunscreens and white tea extract. It is a non-greasy formula that will not affect the look of your makeup. In fact it is has also been known to be a perfect makeup base especially under the eyes.


Lynx Dry Dark Temptation Anti-Perspirant Deodorant 150ml
Price: £3.20
Rating: 8/10

Lynx has always had a great reputation amongst lads of all ages. It is a great value for money product and does the job it says on the tin. It claims to have a distinctive chocolate scent that girls from afar will be attracted to, surely that’s a good reason to buy the product alone!

It is a crucial product for festival-goers who want to remain dry and confident all day. It lasts for 24 hours!


L’Oreal Studio Line Mineral Control Invisi’ Gel Extra Strength 150ml
Price: £3.56
Rating: 9/10

This product will keep your hair staying as you want it to all day long as L’Oreal states that it lasts for 24 hours. The gel itself contains minerals to nourish your hair leaving it in place with no visible residue afterwards.

Even if you don’t usually wear hair gel it’s a good idea to try this out at a festival for an edgy new look especially as there will be no time to style hair otherwise.

Dove Men+ Care Moisturiser Revitalise 50ml
Price: £8.99
Rating: 7/10

Your skin will be probably not feel its best at a festival so it is best to invest in a formula that will keep your skin bright and moisturised. It is a light product so will not feel too overpowering and will not leave a greasy look to your face.

It also has a light invigorating fragrance that will hydrate your skin all day leaving you ready for festival photos.

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