Published on May 8, 2013 | by Catherine Van De Stouwe


The Dos and Don’ts of Living in the Big Smoke

Tourists and those new to the city should know the key rules on how to behave around London. [Flickr: matt_h_ias]


1.     Do keep to the right: on escalators, when walking up and down stairs, even on the streets.

2.     Don’t stop suddenly: at the bottom of stairs, at the bottom of escalators, when you alight trains or buses, in the middle of the street. This is highly annoying to the locals

3.     Do give up your seat: Chivalry is not completely dead, yet.

4.     Don’t talk to people: especially on public transport; just keep those eyes trained on the failed-attempt-at-humour adverts and all will be well.

5.     Do queue: Whether it’s in the Post Office, the supermarket or in the line to the club, we’re British and we queue – no exceptions.

6.     Don’t get public transport if ill: we don’t want your germs, or to be sneezed/coughed over before work. It isn’t very nice.

7.     Do embrace sarcasm: It’s the force that keeps us going every day.

8.     Don’t underestimate taxi drivers: They hear, see and know everything.

9.     Do talk about the weather: We know it’s raining outside but tell us about it anyway: this is a safe topic of conversation.

10.  And finally… if the sun does come out, this is the time to do your shopping; the majority of the population will be trying to tan.

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