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Rainy Day Television

Ads for Breaking Bad, The Apprentice and Big Brother

Breaking Bad, The Apprentice and Big Brother each attract more and more viewers every year. [Flickr: Jason R Harris, hackneypost2 & simplybigbrother]


It’s the battle of the US giants this summer as television shows Breaking Bad and Dexter come to a dramatic end. Protagonists Walter White and Dexter Morgan have built an army of fans over the years but is the end near for everyone’s favourite criminals? The season seven finale of Dexter saw Dexter’s sister, Debra Morgan, unwillingly involve herself in her brother’s murderous ways, an action that is likely to cause conflict for the pair throughout the final season. The closing season will premiere on June 30.

Breaking Bad

Things don’t look too good for chemistry teacher-gone-bad Walter White in Breaking Bad either. The finale of season four ended with a nail-biting cliffhanger that questions the future of White’s criminal run. Season six premieres on July 16.

You’re fired

In the UK this summer will be dominated by the return of the reality TV show; 16 new candidates started out in the new series of  The Apprentice, which returned to our screens on May 7. The contenders, ranging from a beauty entrepreneur to a qualified doctor, are all hoping they’ll make it to the final and won’t be fired by Lord Sugar before then.

Return of the Diary Room

Elsewhere we are subjected to the ultimate guilty pleasure; Big Brother premieres midsummer with a brand new layout to win back old fans. Former Bit On The Side host, Emma Willis, takes over from Brian Dowling as main show presenter whilst Rylan Clark will fill in for Willis.


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