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UAL talent: Patricia Pisanelli

Everyday Arts London News aims to showcase a talent from within University of the Arts.

Today artist Patricia Pisanelli takes centre stage.

tornado csm student patricia

tornado csm student

Central Saint Martins’ student Patricia Pisanelli works with popular and low-budget products – such as meat – as a means of communication.

Originally a painter, the Sao Paulo-born artist switched to processed materials in an attempt to narrate their existence in our lives. She is particularly interested in the symbolism of meat: “meat is one of my main references, as it is loaded with many forms of symbolism – religious, political, and social status – and is at the same time over-manipulated in the food industry.”

Patricia is studying an MA in Fine Arts and ALN has chosen to exhibit two of her projects: 

Tornado is a project that started as a sculpture produced with polyester, wool and wire. It is based on the idea of expectations and the elements of chance that appear when an idea disintegrates. The successful series of sculptures turned into a collection of photographs.

Live Forever consists of pieces of processed ham coated with resin and stamped with a painting in the middle. “There is an idea of exaggeration and absurdity that really interests me, the series of slices that are free to rot contrast with the attempted conservation of the vacuum-sealed one,” says Patricia.

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