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Mai Thai experience

Idyllic beach by day, massive party venue by night. [image: Mahim Malik]


Thailand is just one of those places you have to visit. Party central for backpackers and students alike – it’s the young person’s paradise.

With white sandy beaches that you only see in films and accommodation that is dirt-cheap, South East Asia lets you eat and sleep like a King! What’s not to love?

I’m going to Thailand this summer, so I thought I would share my trip plan with you and some of the top places to visit.

Full Moon party

As touristy as this is, it’s still got to be mentioned! I think this is the one thing that we all associate with Thailand, aside from The Hangover.

This classic party started in 1985 and is now held every month on Koh Phangan Island and attracts more than 25,000 people every full moon evening.

Everyone parties through the night and are there for one reason; to let loose and have a good time. Visitors dance to the sounds of dubstep, trance, reggae and many other genres.

Care really does need to be taken here; this beach party is notorious for drugs. It has even been known for dealers to report their customers to the police and on the previous New Years a British tourist was shot and killed whilst dancing on Haad Rin beach. Check out our Top Ten Tips for more information on travel safety.

The next party is on June 23.


There’s more to Thailand than getting drunk on a beach – you can get drunk in the city too!

Seriously though, Bangkok is steeped in history and there are so many markets to visit.

At the heart of Bangkok lies the must-see Grand Palace; built in 1782, it is filled with intricately designed architecture and is still used today for ceremonial purposes.

Bangkok is home to the infamous floating markets, which consist of tropical fruit, hot local food and I’m sure you’ll find the odd friendship bracelet or two… thousand. Middle-aged women stop to pause – or float and haggle over a good price with you, it’s a fun morning out.

Damnoen Saduak is the most popular floating market, but the Taling Chan market is a few miles out of the centre of Bangkok and has less of a tourist atmosphere; it depends on what you fancy and how far you want to travel.

If you’re going to get drunk in Bangkok, at least do it in style! Sky Bar is the world’s highest open-air bar, with utterly amazing panoramic views of the city and the Chao Phraya river. Stop and have a cheeky cocktail!


Not only does this southern town have some amazing beaches, it is also home to the Tiger Cave Temple or Wat Tham Sua. Interestingly, monks still live and worship here. Think you can take the challenge to climb 1,272 steps to see the ‘footprint of Buddha”?

Why not ride an elephant! Wouldn’t that be one of the most amazing experiences? Ride, feed and learn about these amazing creatures at many of the trekking tours and camps in and around Krabi. Try to pick a tour that takes you near caves, jungles or waterfalls however, instead of sticking to a tour that gets you some unbelievably good views of er, rubber plantations!

There is so much to experience in Thailand and these places are just the tip of the iceberg! Unfortunately for me I’m only going to be spending four days here; somehow I can see myself returning all too quickly!


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