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Summer Fashion Trends

Pair of tortoiseshell glasses on display

Tortoiseshell glasses are a must-have this summer. [Flickr: TianaLouiseAngelbaby]


Every summer you think to yourself, I need a new wardrobe and this summer it’s all about a blast from the past.

Denim, sunglasses and sandals are your summer staples, but this year they’re getting a makeover.

Summer denim

Denim will always be a staple piece no matter the weather and dungarees are making a summer comeback. They’re tie-dyed, floral printed and acid-washed. Wear them with plain t-shirts or sheer tops.


Sun in your eyes? Sunglasses. Hungover? Sunglasses. Need a key summer accessory? Sunglasses.

Find a good pair that will suit your face shape and you’ll wear them year after year when the sun decides to show up.

This summer, it’s all about the tortoiseshell sunglasses. Find them in all shapes and sizes with the same print, just find the right ones that suit your face.


Your feet swell up when they’re hot, so you need to wear something that’ll keep them cool and sweat free. There are so many choices of flip flops and sandals, you just need to find a pair that won’t give you blisters within five minutes of wearing them.

Remember building sandcastles and paddling in your jelly sandals when you were a kid? Well they’re back.

Flat or heeled. Child or adult. Find a pair that will suit you and relive your childhood.

Composite picture of student in three different dungaree outfits.

Dungarees are versatile, comfortable and fun! [image: Lorna McColl]

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