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Top Summer Gadgets


Zoku Quick Pop Maker

Rating on Amazon : 4 stars
Best price:  £39.95 (Tesco direct)

The ‘creative collective’ at Zoku labs have found a nifty solution to extortionate ice-cream prices this summer.

Using pre-freezing wizardry you can customise and create up to nine of your own ice-lollies without electricity. It’s perfect for barbeques and garden parties. had success trying yogurt and other variations, such as rum and ginger beer, although they advise waiting for the ginger beer to go flat first.

Zoku Quick Pop Maker with three multicoloured ice lollies

This handy ice pop maker is the perfect addition to a barbecue. [image: Zoku® Quick Pop® Maker, Zoku LLC]


Waterproof Camera Case from Aquapac

Rating on Amazon: 3.5 stars
Best price: £18.99 (Amazon)

Protecting your camera on rainy days, taking pictures at the pool, getting great sea-life shots and seeing what your mouth sees when you drink are all made possible by this handy case.

It’s waterproof to a depth of 5m, dust and sand proof, and gives you consistently good shots through its LENZflex lens window.

What’s more – it floats! Perfect for any budding photogra-surfers!

Camera dunked in water while in the DiCAPac waterproof case

The DiCAPac waterproof case makes taking your camera to the beach a lot easier. [image:, DiCAPac, Bldg]



Rating on Amazon: 3.5 stars
Best price: £39.99 (Amazon)

Bubblescope is a 360º camera attachment for your smartphone that lets you take full panoramic snaps.

About half the size of a regular iPhone, it’s easy to clip on and off the side of your device, delivering to you a full HD panorama.

The attachment takes about half a minute to swivel around your surroundings, capturing your handsome mug and any awe-inspiring scenery you may find yourself in.

It’s great for parties, festivals, stylish holiday snaps, and even just sunbathing at the park. Whatever you do this summer, make sure you capture all 360º of it.

The BubbleScope attached to a smartphone

Capture the world in 360º with the Bubblescope smartphone attachment. [image: Bubblepix Ltd.]

Hi-Fun Hi-Sun Beach Towel 

Best price: £42.63 (Amazon)

This really is the Swiss Army knife of beach towels. With the right sequence of folds, this towel turns into rucksack, a pillow, or even iPod speakers!

If you’re going on holiday, make the most of your suitcase space with this fancy piece of new-age beach kit that can carry your beloved possessions, play your music, and give you a place to rest your head.

Never before has the world seen such a multitasking towel. [image: hi-Fun™]


Best price: £30.91 inc. shipping from USA (

If you live for waves you might want to try these. Developed by a school of surf scientists in California (what a cool job that must be) the Surf-Grip allows you to use your body as a board.

By increasing your general buoyancy, the foam gloves allow you to accelerate through the waves. They’re small and lightweight too, eliminating the cumbersome journey from sand to sea that you get with a surfboard.

Surfgrips – because who can carry a surfboard in their rucksack? [image:]

Paladone Pocket Pint Collapsible Pint Glass

Rating on Amazon: 3.5 stars

Best Price: £4.36 (Amazon)
Tired of losing your disposable plastic cup at the party? Feel that stab of eco-guilt when you take cup after cup only to see you’ve put them all down in the same place every time?

Sip any beverage, anywhere, anytime with eco-friendly style.

It’s also the ultimate tool for those too classy to drink from a bottle or can.

Simple to use, easy to clean, and costing less than a fiver, you’ll never need to buy another plastic cup or swig from a tinny again!


Speedo Aquabeat Waterproof MP3 Player (2gb)

Rating on Amazon: 4 stars

Best Price: £59 (

Life is better with music, so why have an MP3 player that can’t do everything you can?

This device is perfect for exercise junkies who want their workout playlist in the pool. It’s also available just about every colour, so you can match it to your costume!


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