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Published on May 3, 2013 | by Naz K Rasmussen


UAL talent: Anne Marie Mortensen

Everyday Arts London News aims to showcase a talent from within University of the Arts.

Today photographer Anne Marie Mortensen takes centre stage.

How do societal norms affect individuals’ emotional and psychological expressions? Are you affected by your own expectations for yourself?

Anne Marie Mortensen photography

Central Saint Martins’ student Anne Marie Mortensen has based her project Other Peoples’ Expectations on these questions. Through portraits and a film (view the trailer below) the MA Photography student observes facial expressions in an attempt to reveal those that are often “concealed, subtle, fleeting, contradictory or ironic”.

Anne Marie was inspired to explore the nuanced facial expressions associated with societal expectations, after she realised it could be a confessional experience. The photographer has taken a wide demographic of people as test subjects and filmed them to the soundtrack of their own expectations.

The number of “sitters” filmed over time increased as they  realised how eye-opening the simple exercise could be. As a result, Anne Marie says, she has “formed a mini-portrait of society”.



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